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PRIMPVISION™ Montessori Busy 3D kid Book

PRIMPVISION™ Montessori Busy 3D kid Book

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The Montessori Busy Book is the perfect companion for kids, seamlessly blending learning and fun. Tailored to enhance fine motor skills, this durable and sturdy sensory toy engages toddlers in a delightful touch-and-feel experience. With 16 interactive learning activities, children delve into matching shapes, practicing zippers, snaps, buttons, and exploring concepts like telling time. Each vibrant page sparks creativity with detachable pieces, from shoe laces to numbers, fostering a love for learning in a playful manner.

 The material is safe for infants, non-toxic, and highly durable with strong stitches.

Size: 240x200x80mm / 9.44x7.87x3.14inch.


  • Fine Motor Skill Development: The Montessori busy book is designed to assist toddlers in developing their fine motor skills, providing a pleasant tactile experience for little hands.

  • Durable and Sturdy Sensory Toy: Crafted for durability, this busy board book offers a sturdy sensory toy for toddlers to touch and explore, ensuring long-lasting engagement.

  • Learning Activities: Featuring 16 engaging learning activities, this Montessori busy board encourages toddlers to match Velcro colored shapes, practice zippers, snaps, buttons, and learn concepts like telling time.

  • Fun and Creative Exploration: Each durable page of the busy board book introduces stimulating features such as detachable pieces like shoe laces, numbers, zippers, buckles, snap pockets, animals, and food. Bright colors and varied shapes inspire exploration and creativity.

  • Ideal Travel Companion: Perfect for on-the-go activities during journeys and plane rides, this busy board cloth book keeps toddlers engaged. Its soft and portable design makes it an ideal travel toy for toddlers.

  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Certified by CPSIA, our toddler learning activities busy board book is made of safe and non-toxic materials, ensuring a secure and enjoyable learning experience for long-term use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Royal B.

Nice idea of building the booklet, a little the pages fit together when edited but overall I am satisfied given the price

Tommie F.

Good learning book for my kids. I recommend.

Hallie J.

Simple but beautiful

Albertha V.

Very fast delivery. I thinked the pages will be harder. sometimes it is difficult to paste a picture

Kellie S.

I liked my Velcro book, which is 15 months old. You have to go out because your mom has Velcro every day.