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PRIMPVISION™ CleanKitty Litter Mat

PRIMPVISION™ CleanKitty Litter Mat

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Say goodbye to scattered kitty litter! Our premium PRIMPVISION cat mat offers a sophisticated solution to a common problem. With its innovative design and high-quality materials, it efficiently traps and contains litter, keeping your floors clean and your furry friend comfortable. A must-have for any cat owner looking to streamline their cleanup routine with style and ease.

Size Chart:

  • COLOR & SIZE: Elegant Grey - Dimensions: Length 35" x Width 23" x Height 0.5" Inch

  • ENVELOPE DESIGN: Ingeniously crafted with openings on both ends, as showcased in the photos, for effortless litter disposal. The meticulously engineered 12mm diameter 3D Convex Honeycomb Holes work twice as effectively in entrapping and securely holding the litter.
  • FUNCTIONS: Cleverly designed to capture cat litter from paws and litter boxes, the double-layered construction has undergone thorough testing to ensure optimal litter entrapment and prevent scattering.
  • FEATURES: Boasting a remarkable 90% or higher efficiency in litter containment, our mat's water and urine resistant design is gentle on paws, easy to clean, and slip-resistant. Unlike standard kitty litter mats, ours is finished with a leather edge to safeguard against urine seepage and enhance water resistance.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Crafted from top-grade EVA, a non-toxic, 100% eco-friendly material that is effortlessly cleaned. Proudly free from BPA and Phthalates.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Roslyn V.

The product arrived well packed, ahead of time and reasonable quality.

Berry B.

I liked the product, the value for money is quite good. The only thing is that the superior material is a bit thick and one of my cats would rather take a leap from his sandbox than put his paws there. I hope you can get used to it over time. It came to Me with a little detail.

Dayton R.

Looks like great mat with ok quality. the only thing my cat is afraid to walk on it and avoiding as much as she can by finding an easier road to her bathroom:)

Susan H.

Excellent although at the moment I do not use sand soon

Kody B.

Came quickly, in Latvia 2 weeks. Was folded into four, became even after 2 days. Really traps the sand. The main thing is to take the correct size. Very satisfied. I recommend the seller.